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- Fix the shrunk picture with black bar issue on the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro devices.


アプリ名:Wonder Blade

Huang YueFeng

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" I can’t hardly believe I’m playing a game that’s so polished, so full of personality and clever ideas, and wrapped up in fantastic visuals and animations. This game released out of nowhere and brought with it a level of polish and gameplay refinement that is rarely seen in mobile games nowadays. "
- TouchArcade Game of the Week

When the king says jump, you say "how high?". When the king says fight, you fight. When the king says "save my princess from a villainous maniac and his castle-sized pet golem", you say "what...?".

What are you waiting for? Grab that trusty weapon of yours, free the princess and save the world, all before breakfast! With all those sweet combos, killer finishing moves and devastating magic abilities the bad guys won't know what hit them. Don't forget to wear a costume to make you a one-of-a-kind adventurer. Will you be a sneaky ninja, smacking enemies with a frozen fish? Or a lightsaber-wielding raccoon with a score to settle? It's all up to you!

High-speed cart chases through the forest, a fishing competition in the ocean, zombie hordes and high-tech soldiers, we've got it all! This world is full of thrills, mystery and surprises the likes of which you've never had before.

What do you get when you cross a whimsical adventure, humorous characters and combat to die for? Wonder Blade - an awesome experience you won't soon forget.

The question is...
Are you ready?


* A fascinating tale of butt-kicking, love and woe that doesn't take itself too seriously.
* Spectacular combos, flashy finishing moves and butter-smooth animation.
* A variety of stages and experiences - more than just whacking bad guys with a sword.
* Bosses, mini-bosses, big bad guys and little bad guys, oh my!
* Ever rode a pig? A battlebot? A fire-breathing dragon!? Now you can!
* Collectible outfits and weapons.
* Unlock and upgrade badass skills as you level up.
* And that's just a taste! You'll have to discover the rest for yourself. Good luck, adventurer.

Wonder Bladeの口コミ

トゥーンな雰囲気や軽快な操作感、武器やスキンを集めていく楽しみとか高めの難易度とか諸々含めて、10年くらい前に話題になったキャッスルクラッシャーズってゲームに凄く似てる。 タッチ操作向けに複雑なコンボ入力を省いて、完全一人用に作ったキャッスルクラッシャーズって感じ。 現在のバージョン(1.22)だとワールドマップの半分過ぎたくらいの中途半端なところで終わるので注意。
ぜひ日本語対応よろしくおねがいします! 武器防具のコレクション、空中コンボ、回避、あたり判定、文句無し! 全クリしちゃった次のマップよろしくです!
please enhance
The effect I attack enemies make my eyes tried. Please add setting effect on / off. If you add this setting, I think this game will be perfect.
ベルトアクションが好きだった人は買い! キャラの見た目は変えられる。 ネタも盛りだくさんで飽きさせないが、エリアごとに再開できる等、全体的に親切な作りなのでストレスが少なく、移動時間にちょっとやるとかにも向いている。 2面のボスが初見では強いが、ローリング回避を基本に、フェニックスの尾と薬を買い込んでいけば安定するはず。


アプリ王国で、iPhone アプリを探す。見つける。楽しめる。