NeuralCam - Night Mode Cameraの更新情報

Fixed a bug on iOS 12 not allowing to select Grid options or Photo format.

The latest version of NeuralCam brings a reworked Settings menu, with additional features:

- Timer (Off / 2 seconds / 10 seconds) - that's right, you can now use the Timer feature to capture those perfect group photos!
- Photo Format (JPEG / HEIC) - choose between JPEG or HEIC as the output image ;)
- Grid options (Off / 3:3 / 4:4 / Golden Ratio) - you can now pick the grid you're used to!
- Sound Shutter Toggle (On / Off) - we heard you, and it's here! no more embarrassing moments while taking photos at night in public!
- Small bug fixes & engine improvements

Enjoy NeuralCam and feel free to send us photos at - we'd love to see what you can shoot!


アプリ名:NeuralCam - Night Mode Camera

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NeuralCam - Night Mode Cameraの詳細

Best night photos on your iPhone, powered by AI. Now supporting the iPhone 11 Ultra-Wide camera as well.

Deemed as the best iPhone camera app for night photos by 9to5Mac.

Featured on 9to5mac / VentureBeat / TheNextWeb / BGR / PetaPixel / DPReview / SlashGear / LAUNCH Ticker / Product Hunt "#1 Product of The Day"

“There’s no question that low-light images captured with NeuralCam look markedly better overall than ones taken with the iPhone’s integrated camera app, if not perfect.”

“NeuralCam is not just the best iPhone camera app for night shots, but it is head-and-shoulders above the other apps.”

The Next Web:
“The good thing is you can run it even if you have a model as old as an iPhone 6. (..) Pretty useful in extremely dark conditions.”

NeuralCam is the Night Mode camera app for your iPhone. Shoot vivid, brighter and clearer images in low light conditions, with no tripod or other equipment needed.

NeuralCam blends computational photography and machine learning to bring the most out of your low-light shots.

How it works:
- Open the app and hold your camera steady for a few seconds as you take the photo.
- NeuralCam captures a varying number of frames and uses advanced image processing algorithms and machine learning to intelligently merge the frames and brighten the colors to obtain a single high-quality image.
- Image processing completes in a few seconds
- The result: a clearer, brighter, sharper, more defined, and colorful image.
- Swipe down on the photo to go back to camera view

NeuralCam - Night Camera helps you shoot:
- Beautiful photos in the dark
- Night selfies without using flash
- Macros in low light settings
- Ultra-Wide landscapes at night

Tag your photos with the #neuralcam hashtag or send us your best shots at to get featured on our social channels. You can also send us your feedback at, we’d love to hear from you.

User Testimonials:

- The handheld results have blown me away. Absolutely worth the price.
- Blows the regular camera out of the park for night shots, I have had nothing but awesome results. Genuinely impressed, no brainer.
- Excellent algorithm! Undoubtedly the best app for low light photos!
- Really amazed at how well it brightens the picture. Colours and clarity are surprisingly great.
- The one camera app to rule them all, amazing night shots.
- On my iPhone XS, comparing the default camera with NeuralCam is like comparing chalk & cheese. Well done NeuralCam
- True NightSight competitor.
- Without a doubt the best app to take photos in low light, and I bought and tried them all!
- Gives new life to an already accomplished iPhone XS camera. This really is like magic.
- This app is hands-down the best low light app I’ve ever used on iOS, and the most similar to Google’s NightSight.

Technical details:
- The app works on iPhone 6 and newer devices, running iOS 12 or newer. It doesn’t work on iPhone 5s
- Speed, performance and photo resolution varies across different devices
- The app is compatible with all iPhone cameras: Ultra-Wide, Wide, Front-Facing and Telephoto, based on the device model you're using
- For iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the front-facing camera isn’t supported at the moment
- All image processing happens on the device, ensuring the privacy of your images
- GPS Data Support
- EXIF Data Support
- Telephoto Lens (2X) Support
- Ultra-Wide Lens (0.5X) Support
- Grid options (3:3 / 4:4 / Golden Ratio)
- HEIC Output Support
- Timer (Off / 2 seconds/ 10 seconds)

List of supported devices and photo output resolutions:

1280 x 960 - iPhone 6
1280 x 960 - iPhone 6 Plus
1920 x 1440 - iPhone 6s
1920 x 1440 - iPhone 6s Plus
1920 x 1440 - iPhone SE
1920 x 1440 - iPhone 7
2576 x 1932 - iPhone 7 Plus
1920 x 1440 - iPhone 8
2576 x 1932 - iPhone 8 Plus
2576 x 1932 - iPhone X
3088 x 2320 - iPhone XR
4032 x 3024 - iPhone XS
4032 x 3024 - iPhone XS Max
4032 x 3024 - iPhone 11
4032 x 3024 - iPhone 11 Pro
4032 x 3024 - iPhone 11 Pro Max

NeuralCam - Night Mode Cameraの口コミ

旧世代のiPhoneにもナイトモード撮影を可能にしてくれるカメラアプリです、複数枚撮影し合成するので原理もほぼ同じようですが、撮影時にその枚数に応じたシャッター音がするのは静かな場面が多い暗所撮影にはやや障害に感じました。 操作は至ってシンプル、シャッターボタンを押すだけです、マニュアルモードはフォーカスのみ、設定もほとんどなく、迷う部分はありません。 ただ肝心の画質ですが、確かに純正アプリ(iPhone X)より明るく撮れますが Pixel3や他社Androidが実装してるナイトモードから比べればかなり見劣りします、これは仕方ないのかも知れませんが、投資に見合うだけの成果があるかどうかと問われたら、私は疑問でした。
No need to buy iPhone 11
I thought about buying the new iPhone only to get the new night mode, but thanks to this app I'll hang on to my Xr. Excellent quality shots! So happy to find this app!
現在は暗い所を明るくし過ぎて若干不自然な画像になるので、露出補正が出来る様になるとノイズレスでかなり使えると思う。 また暗い場所で現像に時間がかかるのはあまり気持ちが良くない為、撮影後一旦生データで保存して後から現像出来る様になると撮影効率が上がり有用性が増すので対応して欲しい。
I want to be able to manually adjust the exposure.(手動での露出補正・調整をできるようにして欲しい)
The brightness cannot be changed, so that part of the image is crushed and displayed after shooting.(明るさを変更できないので場所によっては撮影後その部分が潰れて表示されてしまう。)


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