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back-to-call button
speaker button fix in full screen video
fix for DTMF disabled after turning off callkit
swipe to dismiss fix in advanced settings
localization fixes


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Acrobits Softphone, the perfect app for entry into the world of SIP.
*** Featuring Video calls over Wi-Fi

Check out the video tutorial and knowledgeable article at the links below.

With loads of preconfigured providers and an extremely intuitive user interface, Acrobits Softphone is simple to configure and a delight to use. Designed for ease of use but still extremely customizable, Acrobits Softphone is both the perfect Softphone to ease new users into the world of SIP and a reliable, feature rich client for veteran VoIP users.

Business users and veteran VoIP users should also check out our business caliber SIP Client, Groundwire. Just go to More iPhone Apps by Acrobits and click on Groundwire. It contains all the features of Acrobits Softphone and more.

“Acrobits Softphone is one of the best designed VoIP on the iPhone applications available today.”

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“Acrobits Softphone is my New Favorite VoIP SIP Client”

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For the list of providers and VoIP services tested with Softphone, see

- Push Notifications, a reliable way to receive calls when Acrobits Softphone is closed or in the background
- WiFi Finder add-on lets you search for a nearby wifi in a database of many millions of wifi hotspots around the world
- Call recording (only available for SIP calls, will not record calls made from your GSM line)
- Backgrounding support
- Bluetooth headset support (iPhones only)
- Customizable ringtones
- Video calls, H263 and H264 codecs
- Quickdial, your favorite contacts only one tap away
- Quick import of accounts from major VoIP providers
- Excellent sound quality, supports Opus, G.722, G.729, G.711, iLBC and GSM.
- Highly configurable settings
- Native Contacts Integration
- SIP traffic diagnostic log for troubleshooting

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If you have an issue with Acrobits Softphone, please contact our support even if you leave a review stating the problem. We are unable to respond to reviews so even if your issue is simple to resolve, we have no way of letting you know. Acrobits Softphone is highly configurable so problems that seem insurmountable may just require a couple of adjustments to the settings.


SIP - Acrobits Softphone is a SIP Client, not a VoIP service. You must have service with a VoIP provider that supports use on a standard SIP client to use it.

VoIP over 3G - Be aware that some mobile operators prohibit or restrict the use of VoIP over their network. They may prohibit the use of VoIP or impose additional fees when using VoIP over their network. By using the app over 3G, you agree to abide by any restrictions your cellular carrier imposes and agree that Acrobits will not be held responsible for any fees or liability imposed by your carrier for using the app over 3G network.

Acrobits Softphoneの口コミ

wifi環境では使えますが(LINE通話に比べると音質は劣ります) 4G環境では、音が割れてこちらの声が聞き取りにくいようで、ビジネスにはまったくもって使えません。 コーデックの設定もしているのに。 キャリアの問題なのか、アプリの問題なのか? 860円もするのに残念すぎます。
klust 13さんの口コミ
IOS 14.1で動作。着信、通知okです。
いきなり無効になった。 そのために買ったのに。 サービスとアプリとどちらのせいだか分からないけど。 バッテリ消耗激しい 泣
着信が出来ず、仕事の機会損失が酷い。 まさかのコロナウィルスとダブルパンチ。 他の方法を考えた方が良き。
Smartalkと併用しているので、一つのアプリにまとめたくて購入。 他のアプリのようなスリープ時の着信失敗がないがよい。 ただ、ブラステルだと、コーデックに711μが入っていると相手に音声が届かなくなる。 ブラステルOEM版の050freeでは、そういう不具合は無い。

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