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!!! Important iOS 11 Notice !!!
The outdated GoodReader 3 apps were discontinued in 2014 and replaced with the modern GoodReader 4. If you’re still using one of the older 32-bit GoodReader 3 apps, they will not work in iOS 11 which only supports 64-bit apps. If you’ve updated to iOS 11 and need to recover your files from GoodReader 3, please visit our website for instructions:

What's New:
- fixed the issue with connection to
Earlier in 4.12.0:
- iPad Pro support
- iOS 9 multitasking support - Slide Over and Split View
The "Big" update with cool new features and a brand-new design is coming next. Stay tuned...


アプリ名:GoodReader - PDF Reader, Annotator and File Manager

Good.iWare, Inc.

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GoodReader - PDF Reader, Annotator and Fの詳細

The amazing 4th edition of GoodReader® app is a universal app for all your iOS devices.

This version is a further step in development of our original groundbreaking, best-in-class GoodReader app. If you're a user of the old GoodReader app, we welcome you to upgrade to this 4th edition of GoodReader. If you're a new customer, we invite you to join the world of convenience and professionalism, already enjoyed by millions.

GoodReader is the super-robust PDF reader app that Mashable describes as “a Swiss Army knife of awesome!” Millions of users and reviews worldwide hail it as “essential,” “the best,” “magnificent” and “the killer app”. With GoodReader on your iPad or iPhone, you can read virtually anything, anywhere: documents, books, movies, maps, pictures. Use it once and you’ll be hooked. Soon you'll be wondering how you ever managed to go mobile without GoodReader.

Some GoodReader features, like signing PDF documents with just three taps, are so convenient that people use them even when their laptop or desktop computer is around.

GoodReader earned its accolades by the way it handles huge PDF and TXT files, manuals, large books, magazines, and renderings of 100 mb and more with great speed. Its refined file manager lets you manage local files and email attachments on your iPhone/iPad allowing you to work from anywhere.
The ability to mark-up PDFs opens up new doors to GoodReader users who can now use typewriter text boxes, sticky notes, lines, arrows, and freehand drawings on top of a PDF file. You can also easily sign any PDF document with our app.

All the excellent features of the original GoodReader app are here:

+ the best PDF reading engine!
+ read, edit, and sign PDF documents
+ PDF annotations simply done - highlight & markup text text boxes, callout comments ("sticky notes"), freehand drawings, lines, arrows, rectangles, ovals, etc.
+ view MS Office, TXT, HTML
+ access servers & easily transfer files - access to a wide range of servers to easily store your data: Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive,, WebDAV, SMB, AFP, FTP, SFTP
+ Auto Sync with remote servers
+ easily maintain huge collections of files
+ copy, move, rename, zip, unzip and unRAR files and folders
+ users of the old GoodReader app will appreciate our well-crafted Migration Assistant which makes the transition to this new app a breeze. All your files and setting from the old app will be transferred with a click of a button
+ new users will appreciate the ease of use and tremendous file-handling capabilities
Newest features added:
+ securely sign PDF documents with just three taps
+ PDF Page Management - add, rearrange, delete, rotate, extract and email individual pages, split and merge files
+ True Auto Sync - background and scheduled execution
+ opening files from iCloud containers of other apps
+ Touch ID support
+ Text-to-speech feature will read PDF and TXT files for you, player-like audio controls and an impressive choice of languages
+ Bluetooth foot pedals support for turning PDF pages - a dream feature for live-performing musicians

... plus much more to come in the future to meet your ever-changing needs!

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iOS11以降音楽をバックグラウンドで再生してる時にコントロールセンターから早送りなどの操作が出来なくなってしまいました。 それだけが不満
OSのアップデートで急に旧バージョンが使えなくなり、やむなく購入。 不慣れなせいもありデータの移行もスムーズに行かず、うんざりしています。 データを取り出したら、出来るだけ早い段階で他のソフトに乗り換えたいと思います。
Total bs
Ive had goodreader since day one and i have quite the collection on there... now suddenly ios11... now nothing is compatible and i cant access ANY OF MY PAID FOR EBOOKS STORED IN MY DEVICE... so i had to BUY THE NEW VERSION AGAIN FOR THE SAME PRICE ... and it SAYS i can connect to icloud and get my files but there is NO OPTION FOR THAT... so my files are on the old good reader... and i cant access it... i pay for 200 gb of icloud and my ebooks are there but i cant access it! And your site says “oh connect a usb blah blah” my pdfs arent ON MY COMPUTER. I TRUSTED YOU FOR MANY YEARS AND ENJOYED YOUR APP... now its all gone! And you have got my money twice... im never at home and which one of you chuckleheads were sitting around like “lets make the old one obsolete to make more money? Lets keep the files on the device in the old app and make them buy a new app but they cant transfer anything over... hmmm... great idea” didnt you think this through???? If i ever get my files back... i will never use this again.... if anyone is reading this... use my mistakes and do not purchase this program... you will be blocked from your own files... and when you try to upgrade you are blocked out of there too.
Google driveと同期ができない。今すぐなんとかしろ。詐欺だ。金を返せ!

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