Halide - RAW撮影ができる手動カメラの更新情報

We're excited to bring you our Deep Fusion and Smartest Processing update! Deep Fusion will automatically become available when it launches with a future version of iOS. Smartest Processing is available today on iOS 13.1.

Our option to enable Smartest Processing will allow you to shoot with the highest possible quality image processing. This means extra dynamic range and quality when shooting with Smart HDR on iPhone XS or newer.

Note that our new Smartest Processing option requires an iPhone XS or newer, and Deep Fusion requires iPhone 11 or 11 Pro.

Unfortunately, iOS does not allow shooting with both RAW and this extensive image processing. Remember, if you want to shoot in HEIC or JPG, simply off RAW in the QuickBar by tapping the RAW icon.

If you'd like to shoot faster, or this processing just isn't your thing, you can always disable it in "Advanced Settings." This won't affect Halide's own Smart RAW.

What else is new? We have something for everyone: We've fixed issues with depth capture that appeared alongside iOS 13. With this update, we cut down its memory usage to avoid crashes, and tracked down when iOS fails to capture a depth photo altogether. That means faster Depth shots for all iPhones with Depth support and a more stable app. Hooray!

Thank you for supporting us. If you dig this update, consider leaving a review. If you have any issues or feedback, you can reach out to us at support@halide.cam, or ping us on Twitter at @halidecamera and we'll see what we can do. Don't forget to tag your photos #ShotWithHalide to be featured.


アプリ名:Halide - RAW撮影ができる手動カメラ

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Halide - RAW撮影ができる手動カメラのサムネイル

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- 美しく直感的なジェスチャベースのインターフェイス
- フォーカス・ピーキング*と強力なマニュアルフォーカス
- 露出、ISOおよびホワイトバランスを含む完全なマニュアルコントロール
- 完全な露出指数のライブヒストグラム*
- 最高の品質のショットを得るためにRAWまたはJPGをキャプチャ*
- 内蔵レベルのグリッド・オーバーレイ
- 最後の数ショットのクイックレビュー
- インテリジェントなオートモードとマニュアルモード


フォーカス・ピーキングにはiPhone 5S以降が必要です(5S、6、6S、7、8、SE, X, XS, 11, 11 Pro)。
ヒストグラムにはiPhone 6以降が必要です。(6、6S、7、8、SE, X, XS, 11, 11 Pro)。
RAWには6S以降が必要です(6S、7、8、SE, X, XS, 11, 11 Pro)。

Halide - RAW撮影ができる手動カメラの口コミ

It is a good apps but
I found something that makes me uneasy. I like to take a picture of bugs and it requires silent camera. Since I bought my phone in Japan, I need to do a trick to make my camera silent by playing some musics then mute it in apple stock camera. This apps is really different, although my music has been muted, whenever I open this app the sound will suddenly appears out of nowhere (although the volume in 0% and in silent mode). Can you please fix this bug? at least make it just work fine as stock camera.
少し期待したけど、adobeのLrとできる事は同じ。 Adobeの方が無料だから課金する分の差は… むしろカメラ使い慣れてる人はこのアプリの方が少し使いにくいかも
With Halide, shooting with XS MAX is great except one problem
I enjoy shooting with my iPhone XS MAX in RAW. I took so many stunning photos with the app while I’m in Hawaii. Especially taking vertical in finder is much easier and manual focus enables me to replicate what I see. I just want one more feature. That is the shutter noise reduction or mute. This problem is only applicable to hardware sold in Japan, I guess. iPhone sold here come with mandatory shutter sound, which means it will make a sound even on manner mode. This felt very annoying since camera is great on XS MAX and this app enables me to use the device as on the go camera while on travel. For annoyed iPhone users out there, there’re lots of camera app which reduce shutter noise. But most of those app is terrible as camera app. So I want this desires feature to the beat camera app on iOS so that halide will be best choice for mobile photographers . Sorry for the long review. I hope I could hear from developers of the app.

アプリ王国で、iPhone アプリを探す。見つける。楽しめる。