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Bug fixes:
- Fix crash when switching between modes
- Fix flash turning on automatically when recording video
- Fix RAW metadata not showing up


アプリ名:Pro Camera by Moment

Moment Inc.

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We are @moment and Pro Camera is the app we’ve always wanted. Manual controls, better video, long exposure and quick access to the settings we need. It gives us the features of a DSLR but in a fast, easy to use camera app.

For Filmmakers - the features you need, not the ones you don’t. Color profiles, bitrates, dual-channel audio meters, real-time waveforms, and fast access to frame rates.

For Photographers - easier than shooting on your DSLR. Shoot in RAW (even in BURST), split focus / exposure, and manually control everything (exposure, iso, shutter speed, white balance and focus).

For Everyone Else - inspired by the pro’s we made the interface simple, fast, and easy to use. We provide getting started tips, video tutorials, and full time customer service to get you setup.

We love hearing from you. If you have any features, ideas, or feedback please email us at or DM us on Instagram @moment.

## Premium Features
+ NEW Timelapse mode ($3.99) - capture stunning time-lapse videos.
+ Slow Shutter mode ($3.99) - long exposure shots with motion blur and light trails.

## Photography Features
+ Focus peaking - the green edges will help you dial in your focus.
+ Zebra stripes - We overlay stripes onto the over and underexposed areas in the viewfinder.
+ RAW and TIFF - Shoot photos in RAW format for better editing, or TIFF for high-quality printing.
+ Split Focus and Exposure - Take control of tricky lighting scenarios.
+ Full Manual - Control shutter speed, iso, exposure, focus, and white balance with easy to use sliders and double taps to reset.
+ Burst mode - Capture burst shots in RAW format. This is big as now you can capture action with burst but at the uncompressed quality pros want with RAW.
+ HEIF and HEVC - Seamless support for the latest Apple file formats across photos and videos.

## Filmmaker Features
+ Focus peaking - the yellow edge glow will help you find dial in the focus.
+ Zebra stripes - We overlay stripes onto the over and underexposed areas in the viewfinder.
+ Color Profiles - Select from default, flat, or log color profiles to get the most out of your files in post-processing.
+ Video Bitrates - Get precise control over video quality with standard, medium, and high bitrates to choose from.
+ RGB Histogram: Dial in your video color, balance, and exposure with a live RGB histogram.
+ Waveform monitor - Evaluate video brightness and exposure across your image in real time.
+ Audio meters - Get just the right sound levels with real-time, precise, dual-channel (when available) audio levels.
+ Live Histogram - Get your exposure right every time.
+ Video Stabilization - Make your videos buttery smooth.
+ Precise Video - Change your resolution and frame rate on screen, without digging into a settings menu.
+ Anamorphic - Use the Moment Anamorphic lens to shoot amazing, letterbox style photos and videos.

## Works With
+ Triple/Dual Lens Control - Manually control which side of the triple/dual lens you want to shoot with so you can use Moment lenses over either one.
+ Moment Lens - select which lens you are shooting with.
+ Moment Battery Case - Works with the DSLR-like shutter button on our photography cases for half-press and full-press capture. Take better photos, faster.
+ Apple Watch - Use your watch as a remote to shoot photos or record videos.
+ Siri Shortcuts - Quick access to capture a photo or start a video

RAW and 3D shutter require an iPhone 6S or later (6S, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, SE)

Pro Camera by Momentの口コミ

音割れします。 カメラは良いのに非常にもったいない!!
ISO感度、シャッター速度、露光、ホワイトバランス、フォーカス固定ができ、Momentのレンズと組みわせてスマホの画角と異なる撮影ができます。とても良いのですがシャッター音が消せない点が本当に残念。設定で消音ないしは音量設定ができればデフォルトカメラアプリとして活用できるのに… 開発者の方がアップデートしてくれることを期待してます。
セールでめっちゃ安く買えました300円? YouTuberやってます iPhone標準カメラアプリでは 露出維持しながら 焦点変更ができないので めちゃめちゃ便利です 高級カメラアプリ、 FilmicProを買おうと思ってましたが 難点が多いとのことで こちらにしましたが大正解でした 非常に使いやすいです 二本指でタップすれば 露出と焦点を別々に弄れます (チュートリアル飛ばしたせいで めっちゃ調べたw 動画の画素数は同じなのに momentの方が画質が上です! 綺麗に撮れます アプリの改善点についてですが 写真の撮影サイズを選べるように して欲しいです いつも撮ってから16:9に トリミングするので不便に感じます もし現状で選べる場合は お手数ですが教えてください 一通り調べましたが見当たりませんでした
何故でしょうか? 撮影した時は綺麗に撮れているのに、時間が経つと保存した写真が順番に明るく白飛びした写真に変わっていきます。 保存して、しばらくは綺麗な写真の状態です。 撮った写真すべて、真っ白に飛んでいます。設定は何も触っておらず、初期のまま撮影しております。なんなら撮影した時は綺麗になのです。 本当に困っています。 どなたかわかる方おられますか?

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